Wish List: How to Look Like a Powerlifter

Most of us in the 275-pound weight class and above do not exactly look the athletes. To be honest, we look like fat guys with bigger deltoids and traps.

Okay, maybe just traps. I know the feeling.  You want what you wear to scream, “I am a strength athlete, damn it!” You want folks who pass you on the street to understand that you are a bald headed, goateed, lifting machine. You set off the lunk alarm just walking past a Planet Fitness.  You’ve never done curls in the squat rack.

I give to you, my portly yet jacked brothers, a list that will make you look like you lift.

Strong(er)™ T-Shirt

Nothing says “lifter” like a Strong(er) T-shirt.  Complete strangers will ask you why the E and R are in parenthesis.  This will give you the opportunity to let them know that it stands for “Extraordinary Resolve.” You can then give examples of what extraordinary resolve is – like training at 5 in the morning, or having no skin left on the front of your shins from deadlifting.

White TRAIN T-Shirt

No, I do not like the band that goes by that name (Okay, “Calling All Angels” is catchy). Train is what I do. I don’t exercise. I don’t work out. I TRAIN. I break blood vessels in my face every time I bench. That doesn’t happen when you work out.

Red Crescent Short Black Beanie

Beanies keep your head warm and look cool. Black beanies look even cooler. A black beanie with the elitefts™ logo is off the charts.  I find that a black beanie looks best when worn with the next item on this list…

Stronger Nation Long Sleeve  

If you haven’t noticed yet, everything on this list is black. Why?  The color black is slimming.  When you’re a fat guy slimming without giving up your pack of Oreos a day habit is everything. A long sleeve black T-shirt also allows you to look like you’re really jacked. It makes your shoulders look bigger and your arms look like there might be veins under that shirt. No, there are no veins visible anywhere on my body. I think you would have to do more than five reps per set to look vascular, and we all know that anything over five reps is cardio.

Gym Chalk

Nothing on earth will get more curious looks from the general public than stopping at a store on the way home from a deadlift workout to pick something up. The fact that you are covered from head to toe in chalk residue will simply blow people’s minds. I actually had a woman once ask me if I was out rock climbing…at 340 pounds.

elitefts™ Cresent Duffel Bag 

Powerlifters rival hockey players when it comes to how much stuff we carry around with us. Belt, shoes, wraps, towels, chalk, ammonia caps, supplements, enough neoprene to outfit a scuba diver–it all has to fit in there. This duffel bag was made with the lifter in mind, and it comes in black. Enough said about that.

So, if you don’t plan on putting your estate in Rhodestown up for sale in a while, this is the list for you.

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