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You know this guy. He is the wizard of Westside, the veteran of volume training, the big wig of big weights, the head honcho of hypertrophy, the duke of dynamic effort work, the maestro of max effort work, the senator of safety bar squats, the governor of grenades, the chaplain of chain loading, the kingpin of kinesiology, the pundit of Prilepin’s chart, the specialist of special exercises, the doctor of deload, the CEO of GPP, and the connoisseur of conjugation. Well, today is his birthday and, in honor of the man the founded the site well all depend on for our inspiration and information, we are running a Best of Dave Tate. Enjoy these classic articles.

The Education of a Powerlifter

This needs to be read by EVERYONE. Before you get a gym membership, this should be required reading. Gyms would be temples of strength-production, if that was the case.


The Eight Keys, A Complete Guide to Maximal Strength Development

Ready to be hit with a ton of useful info? This is not something you can get through in one dump. If you try it, your legs WILL NOT work once you try to get up. You’ve been warned!


The Periodization Bible

If I had a dollar for every pound of strength gained by people using this classic program, I would refer to Bill Gates as “my less-wealthy friend that does that computer stuff”.



The Basic Template for Bench Press Workouts

Looking for a complete bench program? This one covers it all!


So You think you Can Bench

After reading the above article on bench programming, this will teach you the mechanics.


Body Transformation Chronicles

If a junk food junkie like Dave can get grainy-hard, you can too.


Under the Bar: 50 Shades of Iron

Dave doesn’t just jump on a bunch of fast-trending key words. He grabs them, beats them into submission, and makes them his literary biyotches.


My Westside Barbell Experience

Although posted fairly recently, many top lifters have said this is Dave’s best article EVER!


The Infamous Monster Meat Video

If you want to watch all three videos, click the link above. The Monster Meat video is below (and I HAVE heard him share this advice with kids. They listen).

16 ways to Maximize your Glute-Ham Raise

As movements go, the glute-ham raise is just now getting the respect it deserves. But are you doing it right?

Under the Bar: Success

It all comes down to being successful, no matter what your goals are. How does Dave define success?

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