Steve’s Strength Tips: Patterns

Excuses, Tightness, and the Five-Point Plan

In ancient times, learned men would travel to learn from the great philosophers or begin apprenticeships with master craftsmen in order to gain proficiency in their chosen area.

Things are far easier now. We share an array of lessons straight from Iron Sport Gym in Glenolden, PA from none other that multi-sport strength athlete Steve Pulcinella.

In his no-bull fashion, Pulcinella cuts straight to the truth and lays it all out for you, as only he can!

Excuses? What are you using as a crutch?

Tightness: Steve talks about the importance of proper set-up and staying consistently tight under the bar.

Five-Point Plan: Learn the patented five-point plan to pick up girls at the gym!

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About the Author

Steve Pulcinella has been passionately strength training since he was 13 years old and competing in strength athletics since the age of 14. Fueled by his early influences of Strength and Health Magazine and the Wide World of Sports airing the World's Strongest Man, he strived to build the biggest and strongest body that he possibly could. He started out as a powerlifter and progressed into doing Strongman. His biggest pro Strongman title was the 1993 North American Champion, and he was selected as a competitor in the 1994 Worlds Strongest Man Contest. He has also been a Highland Games professional since 1994 and still competes as a top ranked master competitor. In 1995, Steve started Iron Sport Gym, a commercial gym in Philadelphia specializing in strength training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Strongman. For more information, visit