So You Think You Can Squat? Part 1 and 2

The long-awaited So You Think You Can Squat video is here! Matt Wenning discusses how to squat properly, so pay attention. This is part one and two of a multi-part series. So You Think You Can Squat Part 1 So You Think You Can Squat Part 2

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About the Author

Matt Wenning is one of only a handful of people to total over 2600 lbs in a professional competition, hold an all-time world record of 2665 lbs in the 308-lb class, and bench press over 800 lbs in a full powerlifting meet. He currently the owner and a private strength coach at Ludus Magnus gym in Columbus, Ohio, a personal trainer to many executives and professionals at Capital Club Athletics, and contracted by the US Army. He also works with firefighters, physicians, children with disabilities, and all forms of athletes in the Columbus, Ohio, area.