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I’ve seen a lot of impressive lifting in my lifetime, the deadlift portion of Seanzilla Katterles’ MHP Clash of the Titans takes the cake (ALL LIFTS WERE RAW). I had three lifters competing Brian Jones, Robert Toatley and Orlando Green. All three lifters hit PRs, which is exciting when all are lifting world-class weights.

Brian Jones hit a PR deadlift of 775 pounds raw and had a close miss at 800 pounds. What made this special is Brian had a terrible accident half way through the training cycle, and was, in fact, hospitalized. Brian fell on the ice and had the worst elbow swelling I’ve ever seen, and he also strained his hamstring. Brian was able to keep his arms in extension but unable to do movements that require flexion for most of his training cycle. Things like rows and chins were a “no-no.” Any sort of PR with all of this going on shows the man has character and is going to do great things. I’ll post video in my log later this week when I get it.

Robert Toatley hit a huge PR, shattering by 30 pounds his previous best, which he did in December. Even more exciting is that “Big Rob” made his first 800 pound deadlift. Welcome to the 800 pound club! Rob worked his butt off and I couldn’t be happier for him. Rob weighed in 289 pounds. He also entered the 550 for reps deadlift contest and took third place, hitting 19 reps. This was strapless and with a down command.

Orlando Green hit a huge PR. His previous best deadlift was 816 pounds in the fall at the Night of the Living Dead meet in Manchester, Tennessee. That lift was a 41 pound PR. It would be natural to assume Orlando would hit some sort of plateau, instead he continued to climb the mountain and hit 865 pounds at a bodyweight of 230 pounds with ease. Orlando is one of the nicest people you will ever meet but he is all business on the platform. He looks at the weighted bar like a lion looks at it’s prey. Orlando will continue to improve and will be lifting in the Night of the Living Dead meet in October. Orlando is not just a deadlifter either, he is a top-level strongman and bench presses in the 500-pound range raw. Orlando was second place in the deadlift for reps contest hitting 21 reps at 550 pounds.

Checkout this video of Orlando’s 865:

In case you have not heard Benedikt Magnusson broke the all-time deadlift record. The lift was absolutely flawless. It was awesome to witness this historical event.

Here’s the  video:

There were so many other amazing lifts here that it would be an e-book if I wrote about them all. Very cool to be a part of this event.

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