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Gear’s the game. Jo Jordan is the name. If you have a questions about gear, he’s the one to ask. Check it out:


It seems like you are the go-to guy for gear. I lift raw, and I have a max squat of 455 pounds, a deadlift of 425 pounds, and a bench of 330 pounds. I’m thinking of possibly switching to gear one day. What is good beginner gear? I’m not looking for the easy way out, just something beginner-friendly. Maybe just briefs and a shirt to start?

- Jeff

Here are my suggestions:

Metal Pro Squatter

Metal Bash Pro Bencher

Metal King Pro Deadlifter or Metal King Sumo Pro Deadlifter

All of these are easy to learn to use and provide great support and carryover.

If you need help finding the right size let me know: Metal Gear Whore Question Email

Hey Jo,

I’m interested in getting some new, more “aggressive” briefs. I’m a raw lifter (narrow squat, conventional deadlift) and like to use gear on occasion for overload training. I have a pair of Inzer power pants, but those really don’t do much. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.



The Metal Pro Briefs are the next step for you. Go off your hip/pelvis measurement and add 2 to it. So, if you measure at 44 inches, then get a 46. If you’re at 45 inches, then round up to the next even number and use that to go by.


I’ve never worn a deadlift suit before. What would you suggest as being a good deadlift suit to start in? (I deadlift conventional). Also, is there a progression of deadlift suits to try after I purchase the one you recommend?

Thanks, Jo!


I usually suggest that people start off in single-ply gear and progress from there. As you get more experienced and stronger, then you can begin to go with tighter and thicker gear. Start here: Metal IPF Deadlifter.


I am looking into buying my first squat suit, and with the Metal IPF Viking being single-ply and cheap, I figured that I would start with it. What size would you recommend? I have a pair of Metal Pro Briefs that I have been working with that are a size 38, but it’s a size too large. Also, I’m a skinny kid (6 foot, 170 pounds). If that changes, what size would you recommend for the suit.

- Craig



You’ll likely be wearing a size 46 suit based on your brief size, and it should be a snug fit for you. If you want a better estimate, email me your thigh and hip measurements.


I compete in strongman competitions, and the squat event could be for max reps or just a max attempt. What suits do you recommend for these two types of squat events , reps and max attempt

Thanks again, Jo!

- Thom



The Metal Jack Pro Squat Suit would probably work for you on both fronts. It’s comfortable to wear, provides great rebound, and offers plenty of support to go with it. Plus, it has adjustable straps so that you can adjust it depending on what event you’re doing.


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