Jingle Bells

It started out as after-work kareoke, but once an agent caught wind of the raw talent available under the elitefts™ roof, a recording contract and national tour became a natural extension of their musical skills. For your holiday enjoyment, we have Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Harry Selkow, Jennifer Petrosino and Marshall Johnson rocking out their version of Jingle Bells!


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About the Author

Steve Colescott has worked as an editor for a variety of print magazines and helped build some of the industry's most popular websites. In addition to this, he has worked as a consultant for a number of prominent sports nutrition companies. His career pinnacle is his current position as the Senior Content Manager at elitefts™, a job in which he deals with the top strength athletes and experts in the world. Steve is the co-author of Lean Gain Principles with Shelby Starnes and is always working on other projects (including video projects and The Iron Subculture Podcast). His favorite part about what he does is the chance to interact regularly with elitefts™ readers.