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Obviously your school, your resources, and even your overall training philosophy is going to dictate the big equipment purchases. However, here are some smaller things we all need from time to time to keep our sanity when we get a chance to step away from the platform.

Rumble Roller Extra Firm 31×6. Let’s be honest, you can’t be seen using the same foam roller as the 120-pound freshman. You know what happens when you run Smolov, but you can’t get enough of it can you?  There is a reason you became a strength coach, and it wasn’t to teach soccer moms how to squat on a wobble board with pink dumb bells. PVC pipes make a decent roller, but with these you can yell “rumble young man rumble” more often.

Neck harness. Remember that last time you were at a clinic and some pencil neck with a spandex polo shirt and half a ton of gel in his hair was talking? Yea, don’t become that guy. Not much can top the look on a recruit’s face when they walk into your weight room and find you with more weight hanging from your head than he can curl. It’s great having a harness at work, but nothing can top doing a set in the morning, mid-day at work, and again at night.


100lb Long Weight Vest. Getting tired of seeing how many of those stupid 10-pound weight vests you can put on? If only the previous strength coach at your school had actually lifted. When people get on your nerves asking why women’s soccer isn’t doing the CrossFit-P90x-Zumba program the day before a game, strap this on and head for the hills. Maybe you’ll break a sweat and be able to claim you did cardio.


Fat Gripz. Away games can be rough. Traveling with a bunch of immature kids listening to weak mills (or whatever they call that pathetic rap music), missed meals, being away from the family… Life can suck. Make it suck less by having Fat Gripz on hand in case you need to hit a make-shift workout at the hotel.  You know the dumbbells will stop at 50 pounds… we can only hope that you also remembered to put the bands and blast straps in your bag.

Boxing gloves. They don’t make kids like they used too—whining, crying, quitting… sometimes it can be enough to make you wonder what happened to the world. Keep your sanity by being able to strap up and pummel the hell out of the heavy bag as needed. As an added bonus, combine it with that 100lb Weight Vest and you can get in more of that cardio everyone always asks about without ever running like a little person does.

TK Bands. A wise meathead once told you that if he could go back and start over, one of the biggest things he would do was to wear bands/wraps earlier so that he could prolong his joints. Maybe you can prevent becoming the run-down-robot-walking-meat-stick with all that “prehab” and mobility bullshit the pencil neck was preaching at that clinic. Or maybe not… because you actually lift! We may never know, but hey, at least you can try right?

Deadlift Bar Jack. Let’s be honest, if you are not pulling serious weight, how can you consider yourself a strength coach? We all know the bar jack isn’t necessary. Once you pull that 1RM, the last thing you want to do is bend down to get all those plates off the bar. So go ahead, jack it up a little. It’s the smart thing to do.

Prowler®. One of the—if not the—best conditioning pieces there is. It’s great having them at work, so why not have one at home for those 10-15 days a year you aren’t on campus from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.? The meathead in you will find joy in loading it up with 750 pounds and seeing how far you can push it. For those lazy Sundays, you can push it empty and see how long your friends can hang.

Bear Crawl Handles. Your wrists are constantly getting jacked up from benching and Olympic lifts, right? Why wreck them even more if you don’t need too? You know that you need to get off the platform and train your core—these things offer the challenge you need and sneak some variety into your program design. Stop selling yourself short and doing crunches. Throw on that weight vest, lock in some plates, and go crawl around.

Under the Bar. Block periodization. Secrets of Russian Sports Training. Supertraining. You know you need to read more. It’s easy to get sucked into all the crap people put out just to make a dime, all while you get paid jack to churn out championships. When you buy from elitefts™, you know you’re getting quality information from someone else who is wrapped up in the trenches.


Okay, you read it… now buy it and use the hell out of all of it! Oh, and don’t forget to wave to pencil neck as you plow past him pushing the Prowler®. The gust you will leave in your wake will make his head lull to the side… epic.

For the complete By the Strength Coach for the Strength Coach wish list, click HERE!


EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay, we admit it. These wish lists are a mixture of advertising and informative content. However, we have a blast reading them, and we are sure you do as well. Plus, what better way to drop a hint to Santa…er, your family about your holiday wants needs than to do so through a published article? So, we say it’s all good, right? Also, keep in mind that this is the time of the year in which we hope to make the sales required to keep us in business and keep publishing the articles and videos that you enjoy all year long. If you like one of these lists, please share a link to it on your Twitter or Facebook feed. Thank you!


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