Best Powerlifting Articles of the Month: October

This month provided a ton of great information for powerlifters. October’s hot topics included mental strength, pre-workout supplements, technique, and the current state of powerlifting. Below are the top-13 articles from the month, designed to help you become a better powerlifter.

Monster Garage Gym: What is Right with Powerlifting

Some people choose to spread a negative tone regarding the sport of powerlifting, but there are many positive aspects of the sport that are thriving more than ever.

Adam Driggers: Finessing My Deadlift

Adam Driggers takes the information from his team elitefts™ Freak Critique and details his gameplan moving forward.

Friday Technique Video: Pelvic Tilt for Deadlift Lockout

Using your glutes and a correct pelvic tilt for deadlift lockout may be the key to breaking past your current PR. JL Holdsworth describes what pelvic tilt is, how to test for it, and a gameplan for improvement.

11 Items the College Lifter Should Have in Their Gym Bag

New team elitefts™ lifter Brandon Smitley knows what it’s like to train in a college recreational facility.  Here are his tips for making sure you’re getting the most out of your training environment.

Reno Hardcore: The Flying Scotsman

As powerlifters we can learn a lot about mental toughness from other sports.  Take this perspective on positive mental state and apply it to your own training.

Monster Garage Gym: It’s Not Always the Strongest Lifter Who Wins 

Strategy and preparation are huge in competition.  Eric Maroscher explains how to get the edge on your opponents in a powerlifting meet.

Tips When Traveling for a Meet

Bob Youngs provides wisdom on preparing for a powerlifting meet as well as how to handle the time before and after weigh-ins.

Friday Technique Video: Squat Setup

Whether you squat out of a monolift or a power rack, your setup can be the difference between a PR and a huge miss.  Learn the proper way to get into position for the squat.

Kentucky Strong: Mental Barriers

Don’t let mental barriers keep you from reaching your full potential.  Chase Karnes shares stories of his own battles and victories in mental toughness.

The Research Meathead: Pre-Workout Stimulants and Supplements (Part 1)

Many powerlifters take pre-workout supplements to help fuel their training, but how can you be sure you’re approaching supplementation in the smartest way possible?  Jonathan Mike starts to delve into the ins and outs of pre-workouts.

Brian Carroll: Squat Depth Progression
Brian Carroll has been recovering from bone bruising, fractures of the L3/L4/L5 vertebra , a clean fracture of the vertebral body of the sacrum, as well as multiple herniated discs in his back.  His approach to a comeback is a great resource to powerlifters of all ages.

Darden Diaries: Bench Press Tips

If your bench press is stalled, there’s a good chance it could be due to some technical issues.  Clint Darden provides great tips on positioning and execution of the bench press.

At the End of the Day

“At the end of the day, you will fail, you will get hurt, people will criticize you, and people will judge you for your choices good or bad. Welcome to this beautiful place called life. Do what you love.”

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