How to Keep the Bloat

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I’m wondering about your nutrition, would you mind giving me a rundown of a typical day of what your food looks like? Ya know, how you keep the bloat? I feel as though my eating habits aren’t steady enough. So I thought I’d ask a Pro and see what you come up with.
Looking forward to hearing back!
- Levi

Hey Levi!

Remember that it takes several days to BLOAT, but progress takes long periods of time and consistent hard work. Don’t worry about eating to the point of being uncomfortable all the time, as you’ll often burn out. Just find a way to eat as much as you can CONSISTENTLY. I try to eat until I’m uncomfortable twice a day on a normal day. A gaining day means I eat until I’m uncomfortable at least four times a day. An all-out loading day means I’m completely uncomfortable from my first meal until I fall asleep at night. Most of those days I shoot for 1,000 grams of carbs, 300-400 grams of protein, and whatever fat comes with it.

The key to nutrition and progress in the gym is making sure it is consistent. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you are always prepared. To make sure that I am I:
1) Shop almost every Saturday for the MAIN FOODS (meat, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.)
2) Buy milk almost every day as a routine
3) Have protein powder on hand
4) Cook large meals and casseroles

Most days my meals look like…

Breakfast: Protein shake made with milk, whey, bananas and yogurt

After Training: Same

Meal 3: Some type of meat and carbohydrate

Meal 4: Often junk food, something totally horrible for me

Meal 5: Casserole dish

Meal 6: Casserole dish (optional)

Bed Time Meal: Casserole dish plus cottage cheese

Of course I drink about six to eight liters of water a day and I mix it with flavored powders or fruit squash mixes.

The casserole dishes can be great simply because you can put all kinds of stuff in there, it will have lots of good carbs and meats. Anything Hamburger Helper-ish is perfect!

  • 1 pound bag of pasta
  • 2-4 pounds ground beef/pork/tuna (not ground)
  • condensed soup
  • canned vegetables
  • canned kidney beans
  • milk instead of water
  • fresh cream
  • anything else you like

That gives you a solid 300-400 grams of carbs and the same of protein. All you have to do is cook it up together and put what you don’t eat in the fridge. You should be able to get six to eight meals from this.

Meat loaf is also great to make and while the meat loaf is being made in the oven, you can make some rice in the microwave. I made some amazing meat loaf a couple nights ago that turned out great. Paprika fl avored Lay’s potato chips work better than bread crumbs and you can make a special sauce for it from spicy mustard, honey, or BBQ sauce. I also like to take sausage and put it inside of the meat loaf, as it really adds some spice. When you get hungry all you h ave to to is take out some meat loaf, some rice, and throw it in the microwave!

I just finished making some sweet potato cinnamon bun protein “junk” that is totally not bad!

  • 2 baked sweet potatoes
  • 2 scoops cinnamon bun flavored whey protein powder
  • 1 cup milk, mix in a bowl
  • …eat!

I’m going to try it with vanilla protein powder next as my other options are grape, chocolate, and chocolate mint protein powders. It pretty much gives you about 90ish grams of carbs from the best vegetable known to man and 58 grams of protein. You can eat it quickly with a spoon. Add butter and sour cream if you like!

Now, if my wife comes home and even starts to mention “Honey, are you hun…” I start dialing Jack’s Pizza or order a large chicken fajita pizza, oven baked pasta covered with cheese, and lahmajoun.

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Clint Darden earned his pro card in Strongman in 2003 in the United States and moved to Cyprus in 2004. He competed in the US as well as throughout Europe, representing both the US and Cyprus at the international level. He owns Elite Power Nutrition supplements in Cyprus and is a full-time dad and the director of Autism Assessment Support Practice. He has struggled with ulcerative colitis for four years and has come a very long way but still suffers from it daily. View Clint’s training log.