The World’s Dirtiest Dessert: Oreo-Brownie Cookie Bars

Oreo-Brownie Cookie Bars


  • cookie dough
  • brownie mix
  • double-stuffed Oreos


  • Make a batch of cookie dough like normal. I followed the recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli chocolate chip bag.
  • Spread the cookie dough onto the bottom of a 13 x 9 inch pan lined with parchment paper. PARCHMENT paper – not wax. Let me remind you about me nearly burning the house down by putting wax paper in the oven. Definitely a no-no.

  • Get a container of Double Stuffed Oreos and place a single layer of Oreos onto the cookie dough.
  • Then, mix up a batch of “family sized” brownie mix. Any will do.
  • Pour the brownie mix ON TOP OF the cookie dough that is layered with Oreos. Are you with me so far?
  • Bake the entire ordeal (which now weighs 67 pounds) in the oven at 350 degrees for 40–45 minutes.

While these are baking, research Type II Diabetes, which is what you’ll likely have after consumption. They’ll be gooey when you take them out and that is okay. Let them set up and then feed to your worst enemies. Kidding, kidding! Kind of…

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