Thursday Training and The Pickle Story

Thursday Training and The Pickle Story


We started off with some “Stevey P” combo ladders:

  • 90ks- 2 high-pulls, 1 clean, 2 presses
  • 3 high-pulls, 1 clean, 3 presses
  • 4 high-pulls, 1 clean, 4 presses
  • 5 high-pulls, 1 clean, 5 presses
  • 6 high-pulls, 1 clean, 6 presses
  • 100kg 2 high-pulls, 1 clean, 1 press
  • 110kg 2 high-pulls, 1 clean, 1 press
  • 120kg 2 high-pulls, 1 clean, 1 press

All this done with very short rest

  • Press behind neck: 4×10
  • Modified side raise: 3×12
  • 45 degree YTI raise: 3×12

The Pickle Story

I was just telling this story to someone in the gym today.

Attention big bald guys: please take note and don’t this happen to you.

When my daughter, Carmen, was a little girl just starting school, she used to think it was funny to walk up behind me and bite my huge neck roll that she used to call “Daddy’s Pickle.” You can see where this story is going already I bet.

One day, she was in school and mentioned to the teacher that she likes to play this game with her daddy where she bites his pickle. A letter was then dispatched home for me and the child’s mother to come into the school for an emergency conference. I was thinking that they were going to tell us that our daughter was gifted like those Asian kids that graduate with a PHD at the age of 12 and was going to be praised and rewarded in some way. That fantasy was quickly erased when I walked into the room and noticed that not only was her teacher there, but also the principal, the school psychologist, a uniformed cop and an angry looking woman with her finger on the Megan’s Law button.

It was really embarrassing talking myself out of that one.

How to Get a Pickle

I think what you need to do is attack it from two angles. One is, gain more weight, think of of your pack of furters as having definition. The bigger you get, the less definition you have. So, if you get REALLY big, the multiple neck rolls you once had morph into one big Jewish pickle. The other thing you want to do is really yoke up your traps. The higher they get, the more it pushes up the neck meat. As it gets higher and higher you will attain that really fat neck roll you are after.

Shaving the crack is difficult. I do admit that most of the time I am walking around with a row of hair in my pickle crease. It usually involves some outside help to shave down in that crack.

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